My wallet was broken into by an irresponsible person

when I visit a web3 / dapP for mining I pay a fee as mining, it doesn’t take long for all my balances to transfer automatically I can’t do anything if there is an application wallet that can increase which can pause or block the delivery of ourMrntransfer maybe cryptocurrency can be safe but that is impossible because all crypto is only thinking about how many investors can become prominent, not security and reduce the risk of theft
It’s a shame if it continues like this in crypto in the future because people are getting smarter and more and more are looking for flaws on this lucrative digital asset to steal


May I please ask how did it happen? And what do you mean “all your balances transferred automatically”? Did you get hacked and have all your funds stolen, or were you simply made to pay a large amount of transaction fees?

Which browser did you use to sign into the dapp, what was the dapp and what was the website URL? Also do you have any extensions installed, or any suspicious pop-up messages in the process? Finally, what system were you using, was the OS updated and secured with the latest anti-virus, and what internet network were you connected to?

I opened dapp / web3 to mine after I left Web3, how many seconds later my balance was sucked when I saw my transaction history wallet when I paid a fee for mining. most likely my personal wallet was hacked

That sucks, sorry for your loss. I still don’t know what happened though as you haven’t answered any of my questions. There are many ways a wallet could be compromised, and new ways are being invented all the time, the best way is to provide as much information as possible so others could help and work on it to address future risks.

I understand you have a hard time understanding my language because I don’t understand how to explain foreign languages
maybe there is a weakness in the web3 / dapp that I mine and that’s where someone sneaks in for the bad intentions of hacking web3 / dapp and then steals the private key wallet wallet that enters the web3 / dapp
if we think back it is natural because all of that is just a creation of crypto humans and their wallets so there is still a possibility that they can be hacked unless God’s creation will definitely not be able to hack what God is hiding wkwkwk🤣