Need help checking, USDT not received

Hello Trust Community,

I really need some help… I don’t know if my transaction failed… even though I see in etherscan that the status is “Success”, because the receiver says he did not receive the USDT. (first time I use Trust wallet app)

Wallet version: 1.23.4
TxnHash: 0x0a8859d3aa7a13be30b8e0bfa8e74c426b207e88410cbbae399e51aaa80cb696

Can someone explain how I should read etherscan? When I go to the receiver’s address, I can clearly see that my USDT got IN. But then it’s going out in 2 parts to Tokenlon:PMM? And I tried to trace where the USDT is going, but I got confused.

–Edit I added 2 screenshots.

Thanks all in advance.

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Hi @Lawtjah,

The receiver got your USDT tokens already and they spent it to get ETH.


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Firstly, thank you for your quick response.

Could it be that sending it to the address it transforms the USDT in ETH?
I need to address here that the Receiver’s address is from the exchange, she is using (MXC) she might have given me an ETH address that supports ERC20?

When I go to her address:

It shows it has been sent to an other address.

that address sents it to an other address:

And by going to that address, I can see the ETH is received, but don’t see any outgoing ETH.

So it might be that the transfer is successful, but we still have to wait for the exchange to make it visible in the balance… but it has been almost 3 days already…

Kind Regards

Probably. I cannot say for sure as I do not know who owns and what is the process of that wallet.

Since you sent the USDT ERC20 to the receiver’s MXC address, they have to contact the customer support of MXC so they can help her with the deposit issue.