Need help. Gate ask information

Good afternoon. A week ago I transferred ton coins from the gate exchange to the Trust wallet. but for some reason they did not reach my address and returned to the Exchange.

My address in Trust wallet ( receive)




The exchange asks you to send information :

Answer 1:

The user withdraw TON from his Gate account to Trustwallet, but it was being returned to Gate. In order for us to process this fund, we need the following information. Why was the fund being returned A screenshot of the refund message you received from the recipient platform, which informs you that they refund your tokens(please send the full screenshot, returned TXID and original transaction TXID should be in same page).

Answer 2:

Kindly have the user get in touch with Trustwallet support, and request their Support team to send the user an official email containing the original TXID and refund TXID, and also the reason for returning the fund. After receiving this email, please take a full screenshot of the email that clearly displays Trustwallet official email address, and the two required TXIDs together with the returned reason.

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@Fixser Your tokens are clearly in your wallet here


There’s a different amount. I sent 1725 TON from the exchange to Trust wallet, but they returned back to the exchange. The exchange asks you to explain why the refund was made. The scan is not visible through your tone, I use Ton Explorer, these transactions are visible there

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@Fixser Can you provide the full transaction hash with the link ?


Good morning , please I can’t withdraw my USDT trons , I don’t have access to it , it’s blocked please I need a help

@Ameglo You would need to contact the USDT team if your USDT is blocked.

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This is TXID send



After tonscan please add .org
I’m trying to add a direct link or photo, but it doesn’t say that it’s prohibited

Today I talked with the Ton developers and they said that the funds were returned due to the fact that the wallet was inactive and it was necessary to use a new address format (in my trus wallet it was old) so that the funds would not bounce. They sent me an article that from October 5 all addresses will switch to the new format of sung addresses. The new addresses start with the symbols UQ (my trust wallet address starts with EQ) so my funds bounced back to the exchange. Can Trust wallet send me a letter to my email so that I can provide it to the Gate exchange?

@Fixser Please submit a ticket to the customer support team via regarding this.