Need help. sent my XRP from Binance to my trust wallet BNB Smart Chain address

Need help i accidentally entered my BNB Smart Chain address when i withdrew my XRP from Binance

my Trust Wallet BNB Smart Chain address is 0x6f3d3787ebF8BA24A30AF4F6Fb1525f607114b45

im unable to upload the screenshots. help please

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I did the same thing and now I cant see my XRP in Trust Wallet, despite receiving a notification to say it had been successfully received. Can anyone help?

how do i send you a private message? is there a private message option here?

Mine had done the same expect I swap bitcoin on Binance into bnb on trust wallet and haven’t received it.

we have the same thing. how can i message you privately? or how do i send a message to you?

I haven’t got a clue to be honest, have you sorted yours? If so please let me know how.

I swapped my bnb to smart chain and it disappeared also for the second time

Do you have any contact? Fb or whatsapp? Or any social media where we can chat?