Need help with wallet


Hi there,

Please do not share a seed phrase here. Also, never access/use wallets that you do not own since a sweeper bot is implemented to auto-transfer the asset that is being sent there (0x8492F3a9f791Be77Dd2d30579E8c37Ada15500f5).

Also, the USDT TRC20 in that wallet (TFkXxSdc7wVvEt6pgs99j655mubwcdcv6s) cannot be simply sent out since it is a multi-sig wallet.

Heads up! Please be informed that we will never ask for your seed phrase; talk to you via WhatsApp, Telegram, or other platforms. Also, we will not request fees or payments to provide you with access to your funds. Be vigilant against scammers and impersonators, and report them to us immediately. Stay SAFU!
/// The official support email address is: [email protected]