Need more info on TRON

What’s your future prediction on TRON…you might help an investor


I hold some, but mainly to generate energy and bandwidth to be able to do transactions. Don’t feel like a lot is happening there at the moment that could drive the price up but the incentive for the token is there and it’s probably down to adoption of the protocol in the end (as with any other crypto project :smiley: )
For now I feel it’s lacking a couple of bigger partnerships that could push long term prospect of the project.
But on the other hand that might be a good point to start getting some. Just my personal thoughts though, in the end its down to do your own research and what you can imagine for the project’s future :slight_smile:


I believe TRON will be very good in the future


Good project bro,fighting


It has great prospect and a possibility of adding more value in no distant time

I agree, the project is good and is developing perfectly! Its price will rise 100%.