Need to buy TRX to Transfer USDT TRC20


I sent USDT TRC20 to my wallet and I can’t use them for anything in trust wallet, so I thought to exchange them, But they asked for TRX as fees where I don’t have any and I can’t buy from TW.

Are there any way to do so? Or what should I do?

Hello you would still require TRX to serve as gas fees.
You can not transfer without having TRX to cover the fees.

Thanks for replying,

What do you advice to do? as I can’t buy through my visa card.

You can withdraw a little amount from an exchange or anywhere else. You don’t need to necessarily purchase

Thanks for your support @JennyMillan

I just need 15 TRX and I can’t buy it by my visa, as I’ve tried several ways, if anyone one can buy 15 TRX by BNB or by paypal? It’s highly appreciated…