Network Fees Help

Hello. I have a lot of USDT in my wallet but can’t trade it for BNB or Smart Chain cuz the network fees? So if someone can explain me please!

@iZetsubo75 you need BNB BEP20 (Smart chain) to transfer/trade your BEP20 tokens,
Learn more: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

Impossible to free exchange ?
Cause we for buy BNB I have to pay network fees, but I have 0 BNB BEP20… and the mini to pay for this is 50$ and sorry I don’t want to put so much money just for network fees that’s insane you see

Nope, you can’t trade free every transaction on blockchain needs transaction fee. Read the article I sent above please.

So I have 111 USTD on the application for no nothing? You are telling me I can’t do nothing except leave my money in the wallet for ever?

You can’t ask someone to pay a fees if he doesn’t have this type of coin, or maybe you need to steal money every time? Just trying to understand the concept.

This article explains what network fees are and how they work. Trust Wallet is a fully decentralized app and follows the rules of the networks it connects to. No funds are kept in the wallet and no fees are collected by the app . :
Learn about how transaction fees working: Cryptocurrency Network Fees