New Chains and NFTs Support, Enhanced Swaps, Custom Gas Fees & More

We’re excited to introduce new features and improvements to the Trust Wallet and Trust Wallet Extension experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • :link: New chains added: Conflux, Klaytn, Moonbeam, Moonriver
  • :art: NFTs support on ZKEVM, ZKSync, Celo
  • :shield: Rune swaps through Thorchain
  • :fuelpump: Custom gas fees for EVM chains and testnet
  • And more!

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New Blockchains Added

What: Trust Wallet now supports Conflux Space, Klaytn, Moonbeam, and Moonriver blockchains.

Why: Expanding our supported blockchains allows you to manage assets across a diverse range of ecosystems, promoting inclusivity and flexibility.

NFTs Support for ZKEVM, ZKSync, Celo, Moonbeam, Moonriver

What: Trust Wallet now supports NFTs for ZKEVM, ZKSync, Celo, Moonbeam, and Moonriver blockchains.

Why: Enabling NFT support across various blockchains opens up new creative and investment opportunities for users, enhancing the value of your wallet.

Rune Swaps via Thorchain

What: You can now perform Rune swaps via the Thorchain integration within Trust Wallet.

Why: The addition of Rune swaps provides you with more options to manage and exchange assets directly from the wallet.

Instagram Link in Settings

What: You can now find a direct link to Trust Wallet’s Instagram page within the app’s settings.

Why: By adding the Instagram link to the settings, we’re making it even more convenient for you to stay connected with Trust Wallet’s latest news and announcements. Now, you can effortlessly access our Instagram content without leaving the app, keeping you engaged and informed with just a few taps.

Browser Extension

Allow Custom Gas Fees on All EVM Blockchains

What: You can now set custom gas fees for transactions on all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchains directly from Trust Wallet.

Why: Customizing gas fees gives you greater control over transaction speed and cost, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for your needs.

Enable Custom Gas Fees for Testnets

What: We’re enabling the option to set custom gas fees for transactions on various testnets, enhancing your testing and development activities.

Why: Custom gas fees on testnets enable developers and users to fine-tune their interactions in a controlled environment, optimizing their blockchain experience.

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