New DACC address not showing value


I recently purchased DACC 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84 on KuCoin in July 2021

Then it was withdrawn to a wallet transaction hash - (0x06313e587b4ba060c1626bd430ebde4231d607ff5bcd14036863588cfe0d3158)

the Trust wallet does not show a value for the tokens purchased from KuCoin under the following contract address - 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84

but Trust Wallet does show a value for the DACC of the contract address on CMC which mentions KuCoin as an exchange…

The problem is that the particular DACC that I purchased from KuCoin contract address -0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84 is a different contract address than the one on CMC which is 0xf8c595d070d104377f58715ce2e6c93e49a87f3c

Also, KuCoin provided a link pointing to contract address - 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84 dated 10/27/2020 stating it was the “new”DACC token address (because there was a hack w the previous one)

The contract address of the DACC I purchased in July 2021 matches the one that your link from 10/27/2020 pointed to - 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84

BUT Coin Market Cap shows KuCoin on their site (along with HotBit) as one of the exchanges that offer the particular DACC token

However on ether scan it shows “only” HotBit exchanging DACC at the token contract address 0xf8c595d070d104377f58715ce2e6c93e49a87f3c which is the one on CMC.

The DACC that your link pointed to in 10/27/2020 - 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84 and that I purchased in July 2021 does not show up on CMC so the values do not load to Trust Wallet.

How can there be two different ERC 20 DACC tokens (supposedly one that is “old” pre-hack and one that is “new”) trading on two different exchanges during the same time frame - if the old was replaced w the new why is the old still being offered?

I want to verify the contract address of the DACC that is on your exchange?

Also, can you address why the value does not show up Trust Wallet?

And, why is the KuCoin exchange mentioned with an incorrect contract address?

Link for correct DACC ERC 20 contract address that is on the KuCoin exchange - Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) ERC20 Token Analytics | Ethereum Mainnet | Bitquery

Link that shows only HotBit recently exchanging DACC - $0.0001 | Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) Token Tracker | Etherscan

KuCoin showed a link on 10/27/2020 pointing to the new DACC contract address

This is my transaction hash 0x06313e587b4ba060c1626bd430ebde4231d607ff5bcd14036863588cfe0d3158 showing the DACC contract address purchased and transferred. In July 2021

DACC contract address - 0x005b148048e06a250939f5b0fc32aae19c6c2c84

But CMC value appears to be reflecting the price for “old” contract - 0xf8c595d070d104377f58715ce2e6c93e49a87f3c

Which is the correct DACC and why is there no value showing up in Trust Wallet for the “new” contract address DACC?

Hello @gvsbcpastor the one who’s responsible for updating their token data to Trust Wallet is the project team, they should submit new contract to our assets repo to be updated (here’s a link: How to Add the Token Information you can forward to them).

And Also, they should update their info on CMC, trust Wallet obtains pricing info from CMC only.

You have to contact DACC team for support.