New EVM Chains, Support for BNB GreenField Testnet, and More

We’re excited to introduce new features and improvements to the Trust Wallet mobile and browser extension experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • :iphone: Support for Neon, Metis, Boba, and KavaEVM Chains on mobile
  • :test_tube: Support for BNB Greenfield Testnet on Browser Extension
  • :next_track_button: Skippable Backup Option for Browser Extension

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Support for EVM Chains - Neon, Metis, Boba, KavaEVM

What: Trust Wallet now supports multiple new EVM chains, including Neon, Metis, Boba, and KavaEVM.

Why: Expanding our EVM chain support allows you to access and manage a wider range of assets and opportunities within the DeFi space.

Browser Extension:

BNB Greenfield Testnet

What: We’ve added support for the BNB Greenfield testnet on Trust Wallet’s browser extension.

Why: This addition provides you with a testing environment to explore and experiment with BNB Greenfield-related features and functionalities.

Skippable Backup

What: With the browser extension, you now have the option to skip the backup process initially and explore the app without the need to set up seed phrases right away.

Why: This feature enables you to try out Trust Wallet more easily, allowing you to customize your wallet setup experience at your own pace.

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