New to Trustwallet & Crypto Trying to get Pancake

Hi All,

So I purchased BNB and then Purchased Pancake,I see Cake my trust wallet. I can’t do anything w/it. I can’t stake it I can’t trade it, Any ideas?

So I tried following the instructions in: How to Earn, Farm and Stake CAKE on PancakeSwap with Trust Wallet

When I use the dap browser I see I have x amount of Cake in my wallet, but when I try to stake it says insufficient Smart Chain (BNB) to cover network fee.

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You need extra BNB bep20 for the gas fee.

Hello @apoKrypto,

You need to have a sufficient amount of Smart Chain (BNB) BEP20 so you can pay for the network fees.

Hey thanks for the reply, so it’s the bnb w/yellow and black background and not the white logo w/yellow background?

okay so I tried both version of BNB and lost all my money in transfer fees between the two. I give up I have lost more money than I will get from staking.

Thanks all the same.

The new challenge is how to get my money out of hear, not saying this is a complete scam but it didn’t work for me.

What crypto are you trying to send out?

Hey iamdeadlyz I figured out how to cash out thanks for trying to assist.

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