Newbie question regarding withdrawing tokens from Trust Wallet to Binance

Hi guys, I’m a newbie here with limited experience with withdrawing/depositing via different networks. I’ve recently found out that my country is cracking down on Binance and hence I’ve decided to transfer my coins from Binance to Trust Wallet. I’ve transferred some ETH via the BEP20 network to avoid the higher fees via the ERC-20 network. Right now I have received my BEP20 ETH tokens in my Trust Wallet. If I wish to transfer it to other exchanges later on (in the event my country bans Binance) which doesn’t support the BEP20 network, is it possible? I have attached an image below of the BEP20 version of ETH token I’m referring to.

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Hello @Ken_322 don’t transfer BEP20 tokens to exchange that doesn’t BEP20 will be lost. You have to do your own research on which exchanges are available in your country and supports BEP20 assets.

Hi @Alan47 thanks for the reply. In trust wallet it says up there BEP20. Does this mean that I must find an exchange that supports BEP20 network? What if I transfer via the ERC-20 network, for eg. back to Binance?

@Ken_322 yes, you must find exchange that supports BEP20 assets. If you transferred to ERC20 address will lead to loss of your funds as ERC20 and BEP20 are different blockchains.

Hi @Alan47. What if I can’t find an exchange that supports BEP20 assets for my coin? How do I change my coin from BEP20 to ERC-20?

Salut . Tous d’abord reconvertir tes BEP20 en BNB , puis en ETH. et tu cherches l’adresse de contract ERC20 qui marche avc le réseau ETH et la tu achète ta pièce