Newbie to crypto

So I am new to this whole thing… and need to understand this… when I’m ready to cash out, I need to convert my XYO to Bitcoin and then convert the Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash, which then can be sent to my bank? And I can do this all in the Trust wallet?


The app only supports for trading tokens that are listed on DEXes.

  1. ETH < > ERC20 tokens
  2. BNB < > BEP2 tokens.

But not all tokens are listed.
If they are not, you have to send tokens to centralized exchanges.





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IP address could not be found.


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What is this post about? Do you have any question or concern?

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So I need to convert the XYO to ETH, then convert the ETH to BTC, then convert the BTC to Bitcoin cash?

I was able to add XYO to the main wallet screen, but I wasn’t able to see if under swap/exchange.


Since it is not listed, you can send XYO to centralized exchanges.
Check on where you can trade it.


so, if I understand you correctly, I need Trust Wallet because it is an ERC-20 compatible site. I then send my XYO tokens to another wallet, and in that wallet, I can exchange them for other cryptos. (assuming that XYO is listed to swap in the other wallet)

Trust Wallet supports ERC20 tokens like XYO.
However, it cannot swap all ERC20 to ETH.

Send your XYO token to an exchange.
Exchanges allows you to trade it to ETH or even to BTC, depending on what they have on the exchange.
By using Coinmarketcap to search for your token, you will be able to find the exchange.


Good day,
I did my upgrade today and it was deducted twice. Can you please assist me by reversing the one?

The app does not take any fees and we cannot also reverse any transactions.


Hi there…
Please reverse one of the duplicated upgrades… I will attach a screen shot.

Regards, Anate

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What transactions are these?
Can you provide more details about it?

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I have seen many dapps in trust wallet but my doubt is have they all submitted for review or any dapp can use trustwallet without consent of team

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Thank you Andrew…
Can you contact the receiver of the duplicated transaction so that he/she can pay it back to me please? I can provide you with the codes/links…

This link of the member that was paid double by me, is:

And my link to receive the correction, is:

I have emailed you the full details of both transactions.

I thank you dearly…

We have no way to contact them, as they are just addresses.
No personal information is linked to them.


The DApps shown on Trust Wallet have applied to us to be listed.
We do not control or endorse the Dapps listed, simply provide them as a list of convenience for you.


Unnecessary show high rates of erc coins and other crypto currencies which have no value and these crypto currencies no where listed. Please fix this thing. Its a very big bug in trust wallet. I have oxy in my wallet when i am trying to convert in eth/bnb then there is no option when i check in coinmarketcap and they shown some exchanges and then i am trying them after receiving these coins by exchanges then they said contract address is different, what i will do please help me.

My trust wallet eth address: 0x5029f0b3db536F67b6B336Bd22CB66F74E8C2f80

You can check my wallet through it.

Trading of the tokens is handled thru DEX. The app just connects to Kyber and Binance DEX.
We do not handle listing of new tokens.
The app however is able to accept any token that is supported.
If the token you have is not tradeable then there can be a number of reasons.
Learn more here:

Hi, how can Fund my trust wallet???..