NFC meets non-custodial Wallet

Hey TW :gem: community
Is it too optimistic to expect NFC usecase for Trust Wallet some time in the future? It seems a widely anticipated feature among crypto enthusiasts. Drawing analogies to BinancePay/BinanceVisa and since you guys are really close to CZ, thought something like this would help grow the reach of decentralized finance.
Day-to-day usage of crypto, accepted for payments at POS terminals, or potentially phones used as POS themselves, creates a closed loop system that brings back the user right to own their assets and use them for any expenses without depending on the middleman to hold them for you, both consumer and business ends. Hopefully, bringing mass adoption closer and cutting out middlemen for web3 to be in its best form, especially in the developing parts of the world where majority of population is “unbanked” and would welcome crypto-payment services and generally speaking, free financial and asset management basics from a project that is much more friendly than traditional banking and could offer really well written education programs, AKA Binance Academy to educate oneself in the DeFi field.

Would welcome any discussion around the topic that would help the project mature and enter more markets