NFT Appearing in selections appears to be unsolicited

Receiving unsolicited NFT claiming Circle 5000 won and others, reger attached, does anyone know what these are


Hello @AB_XRP
Please ignore such NFTs as they are scams and an attempt to make you visit a bad link where you can lose your assets.


thank you. can you let me know how to delete them as it seems i can report and hide them only?

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@AB_XRP Yes unfortunately you can only hide and report them on the Trust app but they will always remain on your wallet address as it is on the blockchain.

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i recieved one of these too and unfortunately i connected my wallet (connected dApp) to the site and lost some of my assets. not much fortunately because i realised my mistake very quickly and cancelled the connection. Is there any way they could still have access to my wallet now? i never entered the secret phrase or something just connected the dApp to my wallet…

@r4mull1 It’d be best to create a new wallet and stop using the current wallet just for your safety.

would you still be using the same trust wallet account and just create a new wallet within that or reccomend also abbandoning the account?

@r4mull1 Can you explain what you mean? Trust wallet only allows for one wallet to be created with same recovery phrase not multiple wallets.

Sorry. I meant if you would still use the same provider (trust wallet in this case) to create a new wallet.

@r4mull1 Yes you can.
As long as you’re not using the compromised wallet again.
Hence the need to create a new one.

thank you very much Tobi. Just created a new wallet witha new seed phrase and transferred my funds there.
two last questions
Any suggestions on how to proceed regarding the scam? is it worth to report it somewhere? I mean the chance of getting the money back are 0 in my experience.
The old wallet has now about 2$ left in it (because of variations in transaction fees) is there a way to “drain” it completely or even destroy/burn it?

@r4mull1 Deleting the wallet very much means no activity should occur on it again.

Hi i have sam NFT but now vanishement i searched but nothing appears any one can help ? what to do?

Hello @sinurita24 Can you check on the explorer, what does it say there?