Nft erc721 how to see on your wallet

Hello, I recently won the nft token from pancakeswap, I see it at my address bsc 0x …, via bscskan, it displays as 1 pb erc721, how can I see it on the trust wallet and then transfer it to another address?

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Hello @xxodaxx,

You can use the DApp browser and access this service: Buy NFTs,Crypto Collectibles,Binance NFT,KAKA NFT,and more on NFT Marketplace - Treasureland

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You can use this link for pancake nft:

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The problem is that if I connect through metamask everything is displayed correctly, but when I connect with Trustwallet, the download is in progress and nothing happens, the download is endless

I solved my problem, I went through the DApps browser and at the top changed the network from eth to BSC, everything began to be displayed correctly and I had access to my token, thanks everyone for the answers