NFT spam in Trust Wallet wallet

Hello! I receive a lot of spam or phishing NFTs. How can I disable the NFT tab in my wallet? Or block receiving spam to your wallet. Is it possible to remove them without interacting with them?


@Pifus You have the option to disable such NFTs by tapping on them and then “Hide and Report All”


If I log in, can he steal my funds? Secondly, there are too many of them to go into each one.

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@Pifus You should not interact with them to keep yourself safe of course.
That’s also the best way to do it or you could as well just ignore them.

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Bonjour. J’ai fait un staking et lorsque j’ai destaker
Bonjour. J’ai fait un staking et lorsque j’ai destaking je n’arrive plus à réclamer, c’est devenu indisponible. Comment puis je récupérer mes actifs ?

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