Nftart. Finance token value won't update in trustwallet

Hi guys!

This is probably quite straight forward but I think I am definitely missing something here…!
I bought some Nftart Finance token on Trust Wallet yesterday - now the number of tokens are increasing the longer I am or will hold onto it. However the issue here is; I bought at -83% yesterday, as of now we are on +114.52% and there is a minimal to no increase in value. The amount of GBP at -25.6% was higher than what I am at with +114.52%. Why is this? Also, is there some kind of glitch? Am I doing something wrong? How do I calculate the real value of the token I have as Trust Wallet seems to be giving me really random numbers, which don’t seem to be making a lot of sense.

Please help as this is doing my head in :sneezing_face:

Thank you!!! :pray:


Read this article: Token price is not accurate?

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exactly! It may say +114% but it will still be at 62GBP which it was bought for


Same situation for me. Trust wallet should fix this as soon as possible. How long it’s gonna take to solve this problem? Looking forward

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You are right. There seems to be a bug where Trust Wallet price does not update. CMC is updating but trust wallet is not reflecting that.

Trust Wallet are you aware of this issue and going to fix it?

Can someone help,

I have nftart finance coins.
The coin price wil not update…its frozen