NFT's and Collectibles

Can use ERC-20 address to receive an NFT’s?


I hope this would be a help towards answering the question:


Thank you Mike, this is really helpful


What can we do with an NFT, i know there some NFT used for games. Got my self one from binance and one from a game. but i can’t figure out the use case of that one from binance. Happy new year it was called


It’s for collection or you can sell it at opensea or enjin market but I don’t think the value is good enough to cover the fee because it’s not rare enough.

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You can sell at opensea or

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I have an NFT I minted on ARTSTRO dot io (BSC) but I can’t see it on my Collectibles Tab. I created ARTSTRO, how can I do to add our contract to Trust so user can see their tokens in their wallets?

Hey Mike,

I did not receive my NFT that I purchased can you help me retrieve it thanks