No BNB to trade, exchange, ETC

Hey all,

Ok. I’m new to this and I don’t tknow if there is a way to pay with ETH or another curreancy in smart wallet or is it’s only BNB.

I am having trouble putting BNB on my account because my bank is blocking my cards. I moved ETH to trust wallet and then to try to swap it but they i’ve been trying to get my acct verified for over 2 weeks with absolutely NO success.

Now, I have ETH and Saferoom in my trust wallet with no enough BNB to convert either. I was going to sell some saferoom to make the transfer but I can’t do that either. I’m stuck.

Can someone tell me if there is a way to move ETH to BNB in trust wallet or through one of the apps or let me know if there is another way to do this?