No Hamster logo

There was no hamster logo on 19.10.2021 transaction date. Long after the token was transferred to the wallet, a second hamster was created in the wallet by the developers. We are having this problem, probably as a result of adding a second row to the database.

Address and token are the same. One with logo and the other without logo.

Please report the issue to the relevant department for the correction of this issue.

Transaction Hash: 0xa3f7c1a9231317311d5d8c96e88de95d1ad415953c35c67eeb6402fa3a756b80

Wallet address same :
LOGO : 0xA701D5Bd24E8Ec1705CB8defAeD3F83F7aFDAF2D

NO LOGO: 0xA701D5Bd24E8Ec1705CB8defAeD3F83F7aFDAF2D


@Muratkoc that means that token has different contracts that’s why they appear as 2 different tokens. You have to contact Hamster project team to know which is correct and how to swap/switch between these contracts.

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Contract: 0x679d5b2d94f454c950d683d159b87aa8eae37c9e

Both belong to the same contract, both are Bep20. If there was a contract difference, the other would be Erc20.

Trust wallet Seems to be a software related issue.


@Muratkoc I know both are BEP20 that’s why I told you to contact project team and ask them which is currently used contract.

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