No idea how to stake TWT

I’m so confused. When I opened up the TWT page it advertised staking with PancakeSwap. I then spent half an hour trying everything to figure out how to do it—I know my way around computer, so it’s not that I was bumbling around but that it legit just did not work. First there is no DApp browser tab on my app—I’ve checked for updates too. Then I went on pancake swap’s website and tried to connect via TrustWallet: nothing happened. Ok so I tried WalletConnect. That worked. So then I try to stake the TWT. None of the approve buttons on the website worked. Eventually I came across “approve” button in the TWT <> BNB swap for some odd reason, figure that might be it, and then spent some BNB on a “smart contract call” just to have: nothing happen.
Please don’t advertise something that’s clearly broken and/or is so obfuscated that it’s just a complete waste of time.


I don’t ever experienced it with computer! Try mobile solution! It is easy and quick


Hi @bentli,

To use the Pancakeswap DApp, you need to select Smart Chain as a network. Also, please read our guides about it: How to use TWT for DeFi on PancakeSwap and How to swap with PancakeSwap in Trust Wallet


Everything is working. Don’t blame others, blame yourself because you can’t do such simple things. Tutorials are available…

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Easy @Jesterhead he is new to this and lost patience as it didn’t work out, it doesn’t meam we lose ours. Let us show him the way. Sometimes the most experienced and skilled people need guidance with simple jobs :grinning:


You are always helpful in this community, thanks a lot for that, continue the good work.

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So… You were just one step short my friend. After you Approve, it authorises Pancakeswap to use your TWT. Once that transaction is through, you need to click on the + sign and enter max and submit all your TWT to stake.

Here is the step by step with pictures

Stake TWT on PancakeSwap to Earn CAKE

Feel free to ask for help man, we are all in this together.


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You are so helpful that I purposely created an account just to thank you!

Wow Suzy, you have made my day. Thank you very much. This platform itself is amazing that has brought all of us together to share and care.

Honestly the appreciation should be shared with @iamdeadlyz @zachzwei and @vikmeup for their hard work too.

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@vipul19 I am using IOS and am unable to find the Dapp browser. Please can you advise where this can be found on the app or elsewhere. Thank you for your help.

How to use the DApp browser on iOS

This should help.

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