Stake TWT on PancakeSwap to Earn CAKE

Stake TWT on PancakeSwap and Earn CAKE

Our friends at PancakeSwap has a wonderful gift for the holidays. If you are holding some TWT (BEP20) on your wallet, you can stake it on the CAKE Pool and to earn some CAKE tokens.
The maximum amount you can stake per address is 1,000 TWT. Do not be naughty and participate nicely, OK?

So let’s do this.

Prepare your TWT tokens

Put some BNB for fees and TWT to start staking on your Smart Chain wallet.

Access PancakeSwap

Go to the DApp browser and tap on PancakeSwap. Open the menu and tap on Pools.

Approve TWT

Look for CAKE Pool that has a TWT symbol on it. Tap on Approve TWT and confirm it.

Stake TWT

Tap on the plus sign to deposit your TWT. Input the amount of tokens.

Tap on Confirm and Send the transaction.


You are now earning some additional CAKE. Happy Holidays!