No Receive Deposit BIDR BEP2 (BNB Wallet) & Can't Swap to Smart Chain

Dear Officer,

I have to Deposit BIDR BEP2 (BNB) amount Rp 103,833,- to Tust Wallet Apr 19st, 2021 in My Wallet bnb1m7ce9szc2qyjvg0fmukmq2zvgmmdry22k0n5p5

And Reported from Sender is Successful. But I didn’t Receive in my Acc.Trust Wallet (Reported only)
I used Trust Crypto Wallet 1.27.26 Version - Android Smartphone.

And then I found an Update for Trust Wallet 1.28.1 Version. I have Updated. But my Deposit still Not added my Wallet.

So… it make me to Uninstall Trust Wallet.
And I Recovery use Phrase (the Correct) but Not Changes. It just Reported only.

And then I to Swap to Smat Chain.
But Did NOT Work !

Help me to the Solution for this for my Deposit can Add my Trust Wallet, please…

Thank’s you…