Non-fungible tokens ( NFT )

Are you people hodling NFT ? I’m Hodling some Crypto kittes and Coingecko candy collector .


What is the use of NFT?


NFT(Non-fungible tokens ) are collectables items. You can hodl them and then sell them in sites like OpenSea. Some NFT price are higher than others and some of them are very rear.


I have candies in coingecko how can sell it to earn money?


I am still trying to get my head around the use of NFTs…


Did you purchase NFT from those candies ? Both the NFT goes unavailable or out of stock IMG_20200816_170721|241x500


I hold a binance NFT, maybe now they are low in the future they will be valuable

I have over 20 Unstoppable domains
2 Binance nfts
8 Rarible Digital Art i minted

In my opinion, in the future NFTs will be sought after by crypto collectors, because they are limited according to events and can be owned by buying :grinning::sunglasses:

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I know a number of NFTs collectors who are literally Crypto millionaires, its next level hustle i tell you


I have some Hedgies. That’s a game with NFT

I only hold Binance turns 3 NFT. Its on sell for 0.5 ETH :joy::joy:

hodling a couple of Binance NFT, I will tell my grandson how my collection started

This NFT sounds kind of new to me, is it like a cryptocurrency or what?
And how does one get it

What Is Fungibility?
Fungibility is the ability of a good or asset to be interchanged with other individual goods or assets of the same type. Fungible assets simplify the exchange and trade processes, as fungibility implies equal value between the assets.

Bitcoin is fungible

Fungible cryptocurrencies represent the overwhelming majority of tokens on the market. Fungible tokens are digital assets built so that each individual token (or fraction of a token) is equivalent to the next.

For example, fiat money is fungible as $20 notes are interchangeable with all other (real) $20 notes. Similarly, one Bitcoin is equal to one Bitcoin, and it’s equal to all other Bitcoins.

CryptoKitties are non-fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens are designed to be special. It’s best to think of these kinds of tokens as representing unique, collectible items.

Consider precious gems. Diamonds, for example, come in all different sizes, grades, and cuts.

This makes it difficult to determine if any two diamonds hold the same value. More than likely, a single diamond is treated as a unique gem, unable to be valued equally to all the others.

CryptoKitties are the similarly non-fungible.
They’re perhaps the most well-known example of collectible, non-fungible tokens.


You can create your own NFTs by minting them, you can use Rarible/superrare/mintable/mintbase/enjin to mint some for a small gas fee. You can decide to sell them on these sites or list them on Opensea or even gift them to your friends and followers/fans.

Binance uses enjin to mint their nfts

Where can I get NFT buddy?

I see your username is @Trustbear13, is that one of the free unstoppable domains we were awarded in Unstoppable Domains AMA on trustwallet telegram group? Then that means you have an NFT already and you can gift it to a friend or even list it on opensea for sale.


Yes mate I acquired it in unstoppable domain. And I am thinking whats the best thing to do with it…