Not recived my bitcoin

My transaction has not been completed for 10 days.

Please read my problem carefully.

This text does not help me.


I sent bitcoin 10 days ago
It has not arrived yet

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I had the same issues too…I need help…anyone who can help should dm pls

Sir do not worry. Ur BTC is on its way! Be patient! We takw care about everything!

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Thanks for solving the problem you will do.
Will this bitcoin be sent or will it be returned?
I need this as soon as possible

I am very worried because 10 days
I did everything right
Why is this so?

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I transferred link to my account
It doesn’t show in my wallet
Please help me as well

Sir, can you please provide more information about your transaction? Thanks in advance!

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How does dm works ?
Been trying to help but I can’t seems to figure it out

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