Old safemoon missing in trust wallet


I purchased Safemoon using pancake swap using trust wallet Smart chain bNb today. but i didn’t received anything in my wallet

hash: 0x1e8ac71d83d51ac480fd5120d38a96b84c24f1cb4e81f3f52b58604d8089821f

adresse wallet: 0x0C0888d8a757d3F0a63E20c3C27eE809b3BA0693

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Hello @tarikbelg according to SafeMoon from December 29, any v1 token transfer/ swapping will have 100% tax.

Read more here: https://twitter.com/safemoon/status/1476198900717342724?s=21

If you need more clarification, contact SafeMoon project team.

I did to transactions 1 completed, but the other one is not showing on either TW or SMW and the tokens are no longer showing in TW.

Peak Harvest (0x47158…860066C)

@PeakHarvest If you received less amount or not received at all it is better to contact SafeMoon project team for clarification on this issue.

Alan, did you guys received any notification about ending support of safemoon v1 token? Lost all the token when transfer. Atleast it should have given some warning message. Could please add a warning message so other people atleast save the hard earn money.


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Thank you for your response. I am also working work SM. My concern is that in my trust wallet no transaction is showing for that second one, but the token are not in my wallet anymore either. So we’re kind of perplexed as to next steps. Tried reconnecting both wallets no luck. Any suggestions?

We didn’t receive any notification. We just found out after receiving a several reports from our users.

Also, we don’t have answers for many of your questions. SafeMoon have better explanation for this. It’s better to forward all questions regarding SafeMoon to their team.

I was not following up on safemoon and I made a huge mistake by transferring old safemoon from my Trust Wallet to my obviously automatically v2 migrated wallet in bitmart.

Did I lose my money? Or is it recoverable?

@Szag1975 Please be informed that Trust Wallet cannot reverse, cancel, nor refund confirmed transactions in the blockchain.

Contact SafeMoon team if they can refund. There’s nothing we can do from our side.

I’m sorry but I’m not that knowledgeable. How do I contact them? I checked the website the support page has only FAQ

@Szag1975 there are social media links on the bottom of their website. Check again.