One-time 10 XRP for account activation for second time?

hello, back in 2020 I had XRP on my wallet, and I paid the one-time fee of 10 XRP for account activation. however now, when I check my XRP, the transactions disappeared from the list of transactions. and I get the alert instead that I need to pay one-time fee of 10 XRP to activate my account. I’m writing this to ask, if I deposit XRP to my account now, should I again pay 10 XRP for activation?


Hello @vahidtakro
You can ignore that alert as it still shows after your wallet has been activated.
The fee is one time only.


after a deposit to my XRP address, I confirm that I didn’t need to pay 10 XRP fee again. Thank you @Tobi .


How can I active mine? It shows me that I need to send 10xrp for a fee but I don’t know how I can process it through. Please explain thank you!

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@JacobLiebzeit8 The XRP activation is automatically done once you make a deposit to your XRP address. A one time fee of 10 XRP is deducted and you may ignore the alert about activating as long as its activated.

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