Only 1 device shows funds

Hello to all,
I do have an iPhone and an iPad where Trust Wallet is installed on. But the Problem is, only the iPad shows Funds, the Account on the iPhone is empty (before I used the iPad as 2nd device iPhone shows the correct funds).
Is Trust Wallet only usable on 1 device?
KR Thomas

Hello, you can use your 12 word phrase on any number of device.
Your funds may not be displayed on the Iphone device as you may have reimported another phrase into your wallet.

Hello Jenny,

no I used the same phrase for iPhone and iPad. First I installed Trust Wallet on iPhone and everything works fine. But after I had installed on iPad (with same phrase of course) than the Funds on iPhone where deleted even after a new installation on iPhone.

KR Thomas

That shouldn’t happen.
Try reimporting the wallet again on your Iphone and see if it still works.

I try as you advise (delete the wallet and reactivate with the phrase) but the Funds still not there.
So I only can see the funds on my iPad.
KR Thomas

Can you send screenshots of the error? or of both wallets showing balance

Hello, I’m having a similar issue. My phone got deactivated. Had it restored and I imported my wallet but it isn’t showing my funds.

Unfortunately, no one can assist you with that. You are responsible for making sure that you created a backup and stored it in a safe place. Also, the Trust Wallet team does not keep a log of your recovery phrases for your security.

For further information, please read:

Hello JennyMillan,

I did have a recovery phrase. That’s how I imported my wallet back. And it says it was successful but it didn’t show the funds.

Did you check to see if your address matches your old wallet?
Or you can also check on the respective explorer for each coins you had.

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How do I do this? Sorry I’m new to this and I’m not sure I understand, I have checked that my funds are still there with my wallet address in /bscscan

commenting for trust so i can post to resolve my own issues with trust and pancakeswap