Only apply (TWT) with Trust Wallet original wallet?

I have received some information that the Trust wallet link referral program is only applied by the Trust’s original wallet, and the wallets added to the trusted wallet will not be applied, such as MetaMark, I ’ m Token, MEW …!


The referral program is only designed for Multi-Coin Wallets.

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I mean, if I use privakey of wallets like MetaMark or MEW to add to the Trust wallet, it will be invalid.

We have no way to track them. That is why you need to use a multi-coin wallet.
This promotion is intended for users who are utilizing Trust Wallet.

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Yes ! I am still using the Trust wallet. But my wallet address is (Privakey of MEW) I have (impore) entered. I have invited a lot by my address. So do I get a reward?

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