Only received partial transfer of ETH

Need Help.

transferred eth from a wallet over to trust wallet and it was for 75 usd and only received 8 usd … tried updating the app. transaction has says it was completed but still nothing is showing up. it’s been several hours


@Ayo.Lloyd Do you have a transaction hash ?

yes here it is :

@Ayo.Lloyd Go through your transactions

You paid a fee for each approved transaction after receiving the ETH.

Why do i have to approve each trasaction,?? How do i just keep bsl approved?? Can you tell me how i can just seap bsl to eth?

Those were transactions i was looking to do before i had eth and it said i needed more eth thats why i transfered eth the first place …

@Ayo.Lloyd I don’t know, you made the approval multiple times, you should have an idea what you were trying to do.