OSMO coin staking rewards

Hi I cannot get my osmo rewards with interesting mistake.

Account sequence missmatch. Expected 72 got 71: incorrect account sequence

Can you help me???

Android 6.6 ver


@Partyzan6 Send your wallet address and transaction hash in plain text too (copy and paste here).



There is no transaction hash i can get((

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Same mistake i got - when tried to redelegate from one staker to another

And also when i try to unblock my coins. What is wrong? How can i get my osmo coins back?

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Updated to 6.8 android - problem is still there. What else should i do?

@Partyzan6 Osmosis chain has been halted by their developers due security reasons.
You can’t do any OSMO transaction until chain is resumed.
You can follow their Twitter page for updates on when it will be resumed: https://twitter.com/osmosiszone?s=21&t=_RNRG2U2NosqxrMWVsGjDw

Osmo is back. Their network is operating. Stacking and rewards are availible