Out…what is a watch Wallet

Alan, I’m new here and I’m trying to figure the whole messaging thing out…what is a watch Wallet

Hello @G80Speck watch wallet means you imported wallet address instead of wallet recovery phrase or private keys. If you want to have full access of your wallet, import recovery phrase or private keys.

I just downloaded this app yesterday. How do I import recovery phrase or private keys?

@G80Speck so, how did you end up importing wallet address instead of wallet creating wallet? Where did you get address you imported as watch?

I received the address from a company I did some trading with… Overtforex, is the company. They informed to download Trust Wallet and they would send my money over, which it appears they did but they are telling me I have to activate my account and it will cost money.

@G80Speck That is a scam technique used to steal your money.
It is advised to stop all communications with those scammers and cut your losses.

@JennyMillan , if the money that shows in the account is real, shouldn’t that company be able to deduct the “Commission” and then pay me outright?

@G80Speck nope, even if they give you a recovery phrase, they’ll still have access to that wallet and they can transfer your funds.

As my colleague told you above, stop all communications with them they’re scammers. Don’t send any funds to them or that wallet your imported.

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@Alan47 & @JennyMillan how is one to determine if the companies are real for crypto trading? One is Overtforex, Optimux24, and Netforexincome.

@G80Speck Those are all scams.
Companies or Persons offering fast money by investing are fakes.
Please be careful.