Own erc20 Token icon uplode

Hlw sir plz help me my own token icon how to add trust wallet

Please check the requirements listed here:

Hlw sir iam created erc20 token but iam send token trust wallet but not showing transaction why? My etherwallet showing transaction but trust wallet not showing transaction why sir?

What is your ETH address? Let me check further on Etherscan.

Sir etherscan is transaction show but trust wallet not showing transaction why sir?

Hlw sir how to not showing my Token Total doller and value Trust wallet why?

Please sir answer me :pray::pray::pray::pray:

This article will answer your question:

Please sir ad my token logo :pray::pray::pray:

Sir I paid 2000 twt to put the logo on the trust wallet. The address of the payment I made.
And sir the address of the pull request I sent
My coin name : wishcoin
Sir, please tell me why the logo was not added Trust wallet.
Sir the etherscan address of my token
Sir I want to know where I went wrong if you please tell me I would be very happy.
Sir, if need be, I will pay again.
Thank you sir I think you will give correct answer to my question

After reviewing this further, this payment was made for PR#2135
See here: