Pancake staking

I find it hard to stake pank cake on my phone… It as me to connect my wallet and each time I try to do that it take me to google page on the dapp… Any help pls


Also having this issue😞

I’m using pancakeswap and it is not given me any issue and I also guide some people through pancakeswap and they didn’t have any problem using it.
Are you sure you use the pancakeswap in your trust wallet Dapp?

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its easy bro, use daps menu from your trust wallet, use multicoin before going to, and check top right must BSC network not eth network… automated connect to your bsc wallet


Still can’t stake on trust wallet. Anyone who has been able to should explain how it was done.


Thanks all… I got it… If you have issue staking… After clicking pancake in the dapp just press pancake in the top right to take you to the home page… There you can choose the method of staking with your account connected

@Ladyheart Are you guys sure there’s no risk attached to staking pancake,i mean it’s possible they run away with the cake,or is it controlled by trustwallet?

I dont think they can… Trust wallet show support i dont think they could… Am sure is well verified by them…

Be rest assured your funds are safe in your trust wallet and besides if trust wallet should support pancake swap it means you have nothing to worry about grab your share of cake while it last. Just secure your trust wallet by not giving out your phrase or security lock to anyone :ok_hand:

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@Ladyheart i tried unstaking me cake,it’s giving me error

Is it the cake you used to get syrup?
Do you want to unstake and harvest your mined cake?

I wanted to unstake part of my cake but i later got to know I’ve to unstake part of my syrup first
Thanks for your time❤