PanCake swap liquidity pool

I’ve just added 1 BNB to the liquidity pool. But it still says no liquidity found.


I dont think you can bnb only to the pool… You have to choose pairs(only after you know the risk involve) that when you add liquidity e.g cake/sryup… Etc… You can to invest equal share of the two pairs you choose


Unstack your farm flp. It will show there

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Los tokens por participar en el swap ya fueron repartidos? A los primeros 2500 se les iban a entregar de manera segura?


In your case you’d need to swap 50% of your BNB to Cake/TWT/Syrup which ever you wish to be added in Liquidity Pool

Example 0.5 BNB 150 TWT(valued 0.5 BNB)

Add liquidity and confirm. Once confirmed it will show as follows.


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When you add liquidity (example pair: CAKE-BNB), the consequence is that, Impermanent loss. But the good news is you’ll be given rewards (CAKE-BNB Flip) then you can stake from farm and get cake. The long you stake it the more rewards you’ll get.

Please choose your pair before adding liquidity.

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