Pancake Swap only returned 77% of my money in an exchange

Hello, I feel like this has to be some kind of error. I traded 1.5 bnb smart chain (~$700 1 day 10 hrs ago) for ~645,000,000 EGC ($545 1 Day 10 hrs ago).
Transaction hash: 0xf2265f6501bca241ba62b7d378c61e15f413bf56e87ca6acfa0a1881f667e51d

I set the gas limit to 505,000 at 5 Gwei which roughly comes out to $1.18 if I understand “gas” correctly.

Can someone help me understand where the rest of my money went? I’ve repeatedly used pancake swap and this has happened multiple times but my previous investments were smaller so I assumed it’s “just the way it is”. But after this transaction I’m positive there’s something wrong now.

Is there a way to recover my money?

Hello @Lfern if you received amount is small and you think it is error during swapping, contact PancakeSwap for support.

There is no customer support according their website. Do you have any info for their customer support?

Check on their telegram: Telegram: Contact @PancakeSwap
Be careful, there’s a lot of scammers on telegram. Don’t share/fill in the form or any site your wallet recovery phrase with anyone.