Pancake Swap: Staking Experiment. Getting Best ROI?


So I was curious about how to get the best ROI (Return On Investment) with Pancake Dapp, using the Farms, Staking and Pools. I searched through the forum and no one is giving actual examples… So I did a little experiment, with $100.

1) Staking

Staking CAKE, to earn CAKE. I bought $100 worth of CAKE, which at the time resulted in 171 tokens. Buying these tokens, I automatically got 171 Syrup tokens. After 24 hours, while staking the 171 CAKE I earned 3.3 CAKE.

2) Syrup Pool

This is not an additional investment, as I got the 171 Syrup Tokens when I bought Cake. However, I choose the TWT Pool (only one available at that moment) and after 24 hours of staking the 171 Syrup tokens I earned 8.5 TWT.

3) Farms

Here I choose the CAKE-BNB Farm, and the invested $100 I had to split into CAKE and BNB to be able to get those FLIP tokens. However, $100 got me at the time 10.54 CAKE-BNB FLIP Tokens, which I staked. After 24 hours I earned through the process 3.22 CAKE.


To sum everything up, the first $100 invested got me in 24h through staking and syrup pool 3.3 Cake and 8.5 TWT. The other $100 invested got me through the Cake-BNB Flip only 3.22 Cake. It seems that the first method is far more profitable than the second one, only if there’s something that I missed.

Please share your experience with Pancake swap; which method do you choose? Which pool? etc. It is very important for us, the community, to see actual numbers, not only read about what can be done. Thank you!




Please Reply am about to invest also and looking for better one too


thanx for info and your math :slight_smile:

both ways are good imo


For me, farming is profitable than staking. When it terms to earning a cake. TWT is a bonus profit.


The first investment is the best (perfect), the second one is also okay but u can do that if u have surplus investment already, if u are an upcoming investor like me option 1 is the best, earn two ways.


Impressive I will try it out.


Yes @Aezakmi your correct. Currently I’m farming and stacking cake-bnb Flip, earning Cake happily, Now planning to invest in cake stacking.


Actually staking cake seems to be the best for me, i had similar experience.
I am new to this De-fi stuff, it’s cool though

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I’m curious about ROI, can anybody tell me ROI % on Cake Stacking?

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I stacked 311 CAKE and got 5.7 in 24h.

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If you want make money from staking cake and syrup. You need wait until the cake price drops between 0.4$ & 0.5$ and then buy cake otherwise you would loose money because of whales selling their harvested cakes and bnb price change.

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The first option is okay roi is good.