Pancakes swap is trusted or scam

Hello Trust wallets
I have an questions serious about pancakes swap in trust wallet please give me advices
First of all I bought a token EGC (from BNB swapped to EGc Evergrow coin 349587665.7396975)then 7 days ago I received value more than $300 millions USDT
I wonder is it real or scam
I couldn’t swapped them back to BNB or sell back
Could you explain for me what’s going on

Second, I have used pancakes swap back 2 coins to BNB before (like Anomymous a&chess token) it worked, but I can’t swap any tokens even I make slipage tolerance highly up to 25% why I want to know why??

Third, totally tokens EGC qualities was different, I lost 50 million coins it shows in my trust wallets
I will attach the proof for you
I want to know my trust wallets app something wrong or all coins I bought is a scam ( Safemoon, floki, Raca)
Please let me know

![Screenshot_20211028-064634_Trust Wallet|225x500](upload://dQEJ4fyuqsdL7PUQ


Hello @Td10 If you can’t swap on PancakeSwap, that’s not Trust wallet issue. You have to contact PancakeSwap or project team for support.