Pancakeswap not allowing me to exchange and still taking fee

I’m currently trying to exchange my safemoon money to BNB and it keeps on saying error, still taking my smart chain fee and not refunding it . Is pancakeswap down

Hi, transaction fees can’t be refunded. Read more here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees

For PancakeSwap error, you have to contact them for support.

How do I contact pancakeswap are you having the same problem trying to exchange.

You can reach them on telegram group Telegram: Contact @PancakeSwap but you should be very careful with scammers who PM you first.

Alright thank you have you had any trouble with exchanging yourself on pancakeswap

I spoke to one of the admin he sent me this
wallet-reauthentication Link is this a legit procedure to got through

No, don’t reply any DM scammers will impersonate the admis and ask you for your wallet recovery phrase. Just block and report them.

It was an admin who sent it to me I messaged first but the link looked dodgy anyway so I didn’t do it