Pancakeswap Update: Discontinuation of syrup pool

All syrup pool has been discontinued due to some issues with the smart contract.

Details below:

Credit: pancakeswap medium account.:point_down::point_down::point_down:

What are your take?


Intentionally or not they just made people panic. i mean no one knew you make everyone panic if you tell them after 1H syrup doesnt have any use and there is people that lost they token after unstaking(TWt,CTk,…).

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No wonder I was experiencing all sorts of issues trying to harvest TWT. It was fun though, the party is over we just have to move on.


Their team seems not to have plan, they just keep changing from one strategy to another and I can’t see any of it working or am I the only one?


So I check their TG group massages and asked someone it seems there was two exploit one for cake and one for syrup and right now they have 30M syrup more than cake. They’re solution was bad for average holders ( there are people that bought syrup from pancakeswap for farming tokens) beacuse syrup lost its value.
After these syrup buyers asked what should they do first they got muted then told you shouldn’t bought syrup and we are not responsible (because they aren’t whale and just average holder? ). Then if someone asked the same question they got labeled as Cheater, hacker.

Summary: they fucked up and don’t know how to fix the problems.

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Bro programming isn’t that easy plus bad hackers out there who will stop at nothing to infuriate their defences. You did loss anything but your twt mined they will distribute it soon.

You need to unstake from old twt or any old syrup pool you joined.

And if you have enough cake you can unstake from cake pool and redistribute to more than one syrup pool.

If you have just little liquidty the staking pool all you need do is to unstake from syrup pool from old token and that’s all if you did have enough cake and want to stay in more than one token you just need to unstake from cake pool and redistribute. Thank you.

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A change in stratoscope again ! . This i s not Good