Password Option Instead Of Passcode For Extra Security

Trust wallet should add a password option instead of a passcode as a long password is always more
secure and harder to hack. Most other wallets have this feature like imtoken, atomic wallet, etc.


This is a good suggestion.
I fully support it!

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Anything that can add to the security provided by :trust: is worth considering. Passcode still serve as a good security option.

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I will think that’s an old way of securing the app the private key and mnemonic keys are much safer… Trust me. Your Facebook account Twitter and Instagram account get jacked everyday think about it.


You have a point there


Bro, I think you misunderstand how Trust Wallet security works. The passcode / biometric is used to protect your nmemonic phrase, private keys and to confirm transactions before they are sent.
The passcode / biometric is also used to unlock your wallet.

My suggesting is to use a password instead of a passcode / pin which increases security as you can have a long password.