Password requiring

Please make a additional security method for withdrawal. Like password requiring for any withdrawal so even if our private phrase’s being exposed PW requiring make our assets safe.

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I am also suggesting it too few months ago. This added security measure will make Trust Wallet more secured and safe from getting unauthorized access to your funds. Thanks

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Security can be added before transfer… But i want you to knw once your private phrase is exposed… There is no security that can save you anymore because… Using the private phrase or mnemonic phrase is like restoring your phnoe to factory settings


What you are asking is not possible on Trust Wallet as Trust Team doesn’t store your private keys/seed phrase.

The password available on the wallet protects your private keys or seed phrase from getting exposed. However, if your seed phrase or private keys are exposed or you think they may have, you should immediately create a new wallet and transfer all funds.

For transaction signing activate it from security to prevent unauthorised transactions.

Trust this clarifies.


I propose to add an additional measure of protection to the wallet in the form of confirmation of sending the transaction. so that when sending a coin or token, it would request a two-way authorization code or an SMS code or a code to mail or a personal password


Just like blockchain and all. It’s already secured ad it is I don’t think that should be necessary.

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I really want to set a password that is NOT same as my phone password. I want to repair my phone and i should give the phone password to the guy who repairs it. It’s risky. He could have access to trust wallet and see your recovery phrase

Hello @Farid87
The Trust app already has the feature to set its own password.
Check in your wallet settings and you should find that there.

It’s the same as your phone main password and you can’t set different password

In your Trust app settings, click security then set your Passcode

I’m using ios and there is not an option to set your own password. Maybe you’re using android