Payment link verification when sending funds

Wallet should check if the asset specified in the payment link fits the asset in the send form.
Currently user picks an asset e.g. BNB, clicks send, then scans QR code built for different asset e.g. BUSD. Wallet does not notify user that something is wrong. So user can send 100 BNB instead of BUSD.
I think wallet should prevent users from using payment links that do not fit selected asset - discard link or suggest switching to proper asset.


Address for BNB and BUSD is the same and is at same network so the BNB will be at his account. QR codes normally have only the address so there’s no way to figure out if a bep2 (Binance chain) address at QR code Is for native coin (BNB) or a token at Binance chain.

Always verify that you are sending assets to a exchange or wallet that accepts it.


I was talking about situation when we deal with payment link, not address alone. Here are two examples of link created by Trust Wallet for BNB and BUSD:

binance usd:bnb1ultyhpw2p2ktvr68swz56570lgj2rdsadq3ym2?amount=123

It’s not a big problem when you send funds to your exchange account 'cause you can take them back but for shop payment… oh yeah, it’s serious.


From where did you get that usd link?
What shop is it?
Can you send me the QR code?

Open Trust Wallet, select Binance USD → Receive and click Set Amount. Once you click “confirm” you’ll get QR code containing payment link.

What version is your app?

1.16.13, why? Do you have difficulties reproducing the problem?