Pending BCH Transaction

Basically, i try to sent some BCH from Trust to Binance (i have already sent BNB between Trust and Binance), so since i was just testing i only sent 0.01 BCH and the transaction has been sitting there for like an hour.

Txid: d648a20ed1c58cf9cf2609174caa4925b2abd7ab7260389f459854d0a10e514f
I just noted that it says: Fee 0.00000452 BCH (0.00$) maybe this is the problem.

TrustWallet v1.23.5

Any help would be good, since i actually need to move more BCH out of Trust.


Hi @Miguelrko8,

It looks like the transaction is successful. You can check here: Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH