Pending BTC transaction

Hi @iamdeadlyz
I sent 0,0023874 BTC from my TrustWallet with 0.00000226 BTC gas fees to this address

1HtgpnxZn6WLcaexoXtyS5nAAo3t5veyLm using Binance Bridge.

The transaction is still pending since February 3th

I’d like to know if there is a way to speed up the transaction directly from TrustWallet (like in Metamask) or is it possible to abort the transaction by doing a new one with more gas fees?

Hello @kezacrypto,

Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction. You have to wait for the Bitcoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.

Thanks, the tx has been cancelled

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