Pending dogecoin transaction

I have a problem with my transaction, I wanted to transfer my dogecoin but I typed in low gas fee and now its stucked on pending. I wanted to try and cancel the order as instructed in the help center but the order does not show the nounce which is needed. Can you please help me?

Adress: DKf9mvasmzznv1FRwintC4DGSk1BxThDSy

Txid: 163d00dfaf75a4ca8d3e8cbdb77f35ebd8bd4be95a2960492f0cf03d88c3b90c


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Hi, still have not received any help. Can someone look into this please

Hello @Matey,

It looks like your tx has a low fee:

You have to wait for the miners to confirm your transaction. If it is still pending for a long time, then the network will automatically drop and cancel the tx.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Do you know how long does it usually take?

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It could take weeks or longer than that