Pending transaction - Fail - Transaction - Revert

Was trying to transfer my Wink coins and got this pending transaction error, I had previously tested the transfer with a smaller amount and it went straight through so I know the address is all good.

I have no problem waiting but the Sub issue is the part that is freaking me out what does it mean ?

Is this transaction still going to go through without any interference or does it need to be cancelled ? and if so how as there is no nonce header as mentioned in the troubleshooter.


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Hi I have a pending transaction I have just bought some saturna and its just pendingcim my bnb and doesn’t say anything…

I’ve just purchased some Roseon on Pancake, I’ve a smart contract call on the Trust Wallet and when i click on it,i’m redirecting to bscscan where the transaction is on pending since 2 hours .
I don’t know what to do ???

I bought some USDT the transaction is failed and Moonpay took the money on my account. Please let me know what should I do to get my money back or the USDT?