Pending Transaction - There is a problem

I have a transaction that took 4 days, and it is an amount of $2 transferred with a reduced commission, and that will delay the transaction or delay the arrival of the amount, but it took a very long time. Is there a limit to the number of days it takes? And I have to split the transaction if it is required by the support in order to find a solution or to cancel the transfer + I deleted my wallet and retrieved it and the transaction disappeared and I thought it was completed but it is waiting in secret .

This is my version of the app

This is a picture of my wallet and its address

Transaction hash link

What I tried to do was transfer an amount of $2 with a very small commission to a specific address, and the transfer took many days, and the transaction was still pending, and I reset the wallet, deleted it, and returned it.

This is a picture of the list of private transactions I have in the (BTC) wallet, and the transaction does not appear because I have reformatted the wallet, deleted it and put it back on my device

What I want is to cancel the transaction from Trust Wallet support or act and try to complete it knowing that the address to which the amount is directed is the address of another wallet on Trust Wallet

I’ve waited for a very long time and I’m losing money and I can’t do anything. Please help and I’m here if you need anything.

@slomm828272 I already answered on this thread: I have a handling problem - #20 by Alan47